Cllr Dean Marie

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I have lived in Sandwich Since 2012 and I am an independent Councillor for the Sandwich South Ward

I was Elected as a councillor in September 2021 and have since been re elected to serve the Town of Sandwich

I have always been a Passionate person when it comes to Sandwich and making sure it’s even Greater than it is.

I have been Hands on within Sandwich since I have been here from volunteering with our great events to being a former Chair of the Sandwich Festival, Sandwich Folk and Ale Festival and the Sandwich Community Christmas Lights Committee.

I work in the Tourism industry as a Coach Driver and I always work hard to promote Sandwich and it’s tourism when it comes to our Great Events the town has to offer and supporting our unique Hospitality Industry and unique Businesses the Town has to offer.

I also work Closely with our local Associations such as the Sandwich Town Team, Sandwich Chamber of Commerce and many other Charities.
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