Minutes and Reports

Right to Speak

A 20-minute session is set aside for members of the public to make representations at the meeting in respect of the business on the agenda and other matters if time permits. Individual representations should not exceed five minutes.

Written notice of the desire to exercise the right to speak, together with the topic to be addressed, must be given to the Town Clerk prior to noon on the day of the meeting.

Agenda Deadlines

The deadline for submission of Town Council and Toll Bridge Fund agenda items is as follows:

"The mover must give written notice of the motion’s wording to the Council’s Proper Officer at least five clear days before the meeting at which the mover wishes it to be tabled."



Current Agendas






2019 Minutes

2020 Minutes

2021 Minutes

2022 Minutes

2023 Minutes

Annual Town Meeting 

The Annual Town Meeting legally must take place between 1st March and 1st June each year and in Sandwich it usually takes place towards the end of March.

The Annual Town Meeting is not the Annual Meeting of the Town Council (at which Mayor Making takes place) and it is not a Council meeting, however, in a Town where there is a parish/town council the Mayor will convene the Annual Town Meeting and the town council should cover any associated costs.

The purpose of the Annual Town Meeting is to provide a democratic point of communication with which to discuss town matters.

The meeting in 2021 took place remotely on the 17th March 2021 at 7pm and the minutes will be uploaded here shortly.

Market Days

The Sandwich Market is held every week on a
Thursday 8am - 1pm on the Guildhall forecourt.

New stall enquiries please contact Town Clerk on 01304 617197 or townclerk@sandwichtowncouncil.gov.uk

Guided Tours

Take a guided tour of the Guildhall for just £5 per person, Tours are available by appointment only and there is a minimum tour fee of £20.

Sandwich Archives

The Sandwich Archives are open on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. You may visit the Archives by appointment only.

Visitor Information

The Visitor Information Centre offers lots of friendly local advice and plenty of leaflets to help you get the best out of Sandwich.

Emergency Contacts

View the emergency plan telephone numbers for the Sandwich Area. 

Kent Resilience Forum

Download the household emergency plan checklist in PDF

Find Your Council's Contact Details

View Sandwich Town Council's contact details for any further information.
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