Council Meetings

Agenda Deadlines ...

Monthly meetings of the Town Council and the Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund take place on the last Monday of the month. The deadline for submission of agenda items is 8 am on the preceding Monday.

Right to Speak ...

A 15-minute session is set aside at the Town Council and Toll Bridge Fund meetings to enable members of the public to address the Council.

Written notice of the desire to exercise the right to speak and of the topic to be addressed must be given to the Town Clerk by 4pm five working days before the meeting (e.g. to speak at a Council meeting on a Monday, written notice of the desire to speak should be received the previous Monday).

For the full policy please see:
Protocol for Public Participation

Print version available of Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund schedule of meetings 2020/21
For pdf Print Version - Please click here

Meeting Dates

2020 Dates
2021 Dates
01/06/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
15/06/2020Advisory & Asset Management Committee
15/06/2020Finance Committee
29/06/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
10/07/2020Confirmation in Officer of Mayor Deputies
13/07/2020Advisory & Asset Management Committee
15/07/2020IT /Social Media Committee
16/07/2020Planning Committee
20/07/2020Finance Committee
27/07/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
12/08/2020IT / Social Media Committee
13/08/2020Planning Committee
17/08/2020Finance Committee
19/08/2020Monks Wall Nature Reserve
24/08/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund (tbc)
09/09/2020IT / Social Media Committee
14/09/2020Advisory & Asset Management Committee
16/09/2020Monks Wall Nature Reserve Committee
17/09/2020Planning Committee
21/09/2020Finance Committee
23/09/2020Tourism Committee
28/09/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
12/10/2020Advisory & Asset Management Committee
14/10/2020IT / Social Media Committee @ 4.30pm
14/10/2020Finance Committee
15/10/2020Planning Committee
21/10/2020Monks Wall Nature Reserve Committee
26/10/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
08/11/2020Remembrance Sunday Service & Parade
09/11/2020Advisory & Asset Management Committee
11/11/2020IT / Social Media Committee
18/11/2020Monks Wall Nature Reserve Committee @ 5pm
18/11/2020Finance Committee
19/11/2020Planning Committee
30/11/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
09/12/2020IT / Social Media Committee @ 4.30 pm
09/12/2020Finance Committee
14/12/2020Sandwich Town Council & Sandwich Toll Bridge Fund
16/12/2020Monks Wall Nature Reserve Committee @ 5pm
16/12/2020Tourism Committee
17/12/2020Planning Committee

NB: Extra-ordinary Meeting can be called throughout the year as required.

Please click here to download the dates in PDF format

Meetings in May & June 2021

The legislation that allowed the council to meet and make decisions remotely (using Zoom) for the past year has now expired.  However, the return to face-to-face meetings is not straight-forward, due to the ongoing social distancing guidelines and the majority of the Guildhall continuing to be used for Covid testing.  

There are currently two full council meetings booked to take place in the near future at 6pm - Wednesday 26th May 2021 and Wednesday 23rd June 2021, these will take place at St. Clements Church Hall.

With the return of Councillors to a physical meeting comes an obligation for members of the public to also be admitted.  However, again because of social distancing requirements please do consider if your attendance is essential....or if we can help in another way.

A full compliment of meetings will be confirmed once the final social distancing restrictions are lifted, or the Main Hall at the Guildhall becomes available (whichever happens soonest).

Please click here to download these dates in a PDF format

NB: Extra-ordinary meetings can be called if required.  

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Market Days

The Sandwich Market is held every week on a
Thursday & Saturday 
8am til 1pm on the Guildhall forecourt.

Guided Tours

Take a guided tour of the Guildhall for just £5 per person, Tours are available by appointment only and there is a minimum tour fee of £20.

Sandwich Archives

The Sandwich Archives are open on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. You may visit the Archives by appointment only.

Visitor Information

The Visitor Information Centre offers lots of friendly local advice and plenty of leaflets to help you get the best out of Sandwich.

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