Press Release from STC - Pfizers PSSM Operations

The Mayor of Sandwich, Cllr Paul Carter states that he is devastated to hear the news that the PSSM Operations at Pfizer’s Sandwich plant will be ending which will bring about a possible loss of 500 jobs-at Discovery Park in Sandwich so close to Christmas.

“Both the Mayor, personally and Sandwich Town Council were key in the Pfizer down scaling of operations in February 2011 when a combined Task Force was set up by KCC, DDC and Sandwich Town Council to assist and aid in the proposed loss of 2,400 jobs which then became a national concern. 

The Mayor has been approached by Senior Management at Pfizer Sandwich and will be meeting with senior staff to discuss the planned timeframe for any proposed redundancies and consult on the on-going support that Pfizer can give to the employees affected by this decision. Due to the scale of the potential job losses by this announcement, action will have to be demanded from Government to assist with this major blow.

The Mayor and Councillors of Sandwich will do all in their power to assist with this unwelcome decision which could affect a large number of local residents of Sandwich, the surrounding villages and more importantly their families. whatever can be done including calling upon Central Government to assist will be undertaken to make sure those who are affected are supported, get professional advice and assistance to maintain their homes and family commitments.

Communications will be made to the Leaders of KCC, DDC and Thanet District Council to arrange discussions on how this situation can be resolved so that the impact is minimised, and employees are given full support at this very worrying time.

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